Welcome to Second Cloud On The Left Farm!

You found us!!! Yes, simply take a left at the second cloud and voila…. here you are!!
So glad you came by to see us. Grab your boots and your overalls and come join us for a life lesson in good food, nurturing place and tending to joy. It’s a full time job – filled with lots of dirt, laughter and mistakes… but alas, farming is honorable work and we are so glad that you have joined us on our journey.
Our farm is located on 27 acres of ridgetop in the heart of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. We started farming in 2011 and enjoy being schooled by nature. As temporary ‘care takers’ of this small piece of land we dedicate ourselves to preserve biodiversity, restore soil health and feed our community.

We are a motley crew, aged between mid forties and upper sixties and we are just getting started! It’s hard to believe that at this point in our lives that we have come together to simplify and do our part in stemming the tide of food globalization and corporate agriculture. We dedicate our efforts to our children and our community, to spread the importance of seed diversity, healthy soils and a strong local food economy.


We currently sell our produce via retail, wholesale and farm markets. Please click on the  “Where To Find Us” page to see where you can visit with us or find our produce.

Enjoy your visit with us! Eat well, be well! Blessings from all of us floating around on the Second Cloud.